Hult-Prize Webinar held at Varendra University

Hult-Prize Webinar held at Varendra University

Tareq Hasan

Varendra University has inaugurated Hult prize on campus program and organized a Hult-Prize Webinar: ‘Breaking the Ice’ for the students! the webinar held on Friday.

This ice breaker webinar is your gateway to get to know Hult Prize 2021 Competition.

Hult Prize is a the world’s largest student competition, solving global problems by nurturing for profit, for impact entrepreneur with US $1 M Prize.

Learn how to turn your incredible ideas into solution to real world problems through business!

This year, Varendra University has inaugurated Hult prize On Campus program. Faizah Safwat, a student of 9th Semester, Dept. of CSE has been appointed as the Campus Director for the “On Campus Team”.

The keynote speakers were two renowned community builders from Hult Prize Bangladesh, Ikrar Imtiaz and Md. Fahim Hossain.

It was on a unique platform, Microsoft Teams. After the pandemic outburst and the global lockdown, all the institutes were declared closed until further notice. Fighting all odds, Varendra University has been conducting all the educational proceedings in online based platform, Microsoft Teams. The students and the teachers are attending the classes from their respective homes.

The agenda of the webinar was to clear all the doubts of the students about Hult Prize. The response was tremendous. The speakers were very pleased to be a part of such an engaging event. There was a surprise gift for the best questioner. A 2 month premium subscription of Skillshare was gifted to two attendees. They were judged according to their mindset and delivery of the questions. The speakers picked the winners.

The Campus Director of Hult-Prize at Varendra University Branch, Faizah Safwat addressed us that she, along with her team congratulated all the students who joined this event. She thanked the speakers for bringing up their thoughts and connecting with the attendees.

She also thanked the Varendra University Authority, all the Department Heads, Teachers, Supporting Staffs, and especially the IT team for supporting the “On Campus Team” and letting them organize the event on the online platform.

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